Accountable Christian Encouragement


Accountable Christian Encouragement

Peace of mind, peace of heart, and walking with Him is what GOD wants for all people. Being in the center of GOD'S will brings joy unspeakable along with balance and harmony in our spirit! 

Being in the center of GOD'S will is like being in the eye of a hurricane, there is calm, peace and safety in the center (eye) of the hurricane. The rest of the hurricane is vicious and unforgiving and that is what life is like at times when we are outside of GOD'S will. The Bible is full of scriptures that reveal to us what GOD'S will is and how to live it for Him.

Our heavenly Father wants good blessings for us like, wisdom, health, finances,  and safety. He desires to give us wonderful lives to live for Him! I find that this is totally possible through the choices we make, and GOD gives us the ability to make those choices.

My hope is that in the pages of this website you'll find yourself inspired by the words of life you read here,  and encouragement through scriptures, videos, and pictures. I will be adding new articles and poems to the pages: Spirit/Mind/Body and Words of Encouragement fairly often.

My goal is to encourage and inspire you as you visit here,  and may GOD hold me accountable as a christian in doing His will with this website.  One scripture I'll share with you now is my favorite of favorites. It is: "Ye are of GOD, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world". I John 4:4

It is wonderful when GOD saves a person, and GOD'S, Holy Spirit then lives inside of us. GOD'S, Holy Spirit is greater in spiritual strength than Satan!

Welcome to, I invite you to stay awhile and enjoy your time here!


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