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Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. Proverbs 3:13

What better way to find wisdom and get understanding than through the miracle world of books. Books written by men and women inspired by their creator GOD so we could be encouraged, entertained and educated in various ways.  One of the nice things about books is that they can be read anytime, anywhere, and re-read or shared with others. My favorite book to spend quality time in to read and study is the Bible.

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Proverbs and the book of Psalm are my favorite Old Testament books I like to read frequently.
Not only books, but music as well. Our souls were made to praise the Lord with a melody in our hearts as well as to hear with our ears and to sing to His glory. Then of course the various ways in which to play our choice of music. I remember Eight Tracks, Records, Cassettes, and now we have CD's and of course your choice of Cell Phones to use for your music.

Modern technology is a blessing in many ways. It can be challenging, rewarding and fun to experience. That is why I chose to create my Amazon store, Books, Music & More. Whether you are shopping for books, music or more for those special occasions or simply just because, here is the link to my store.


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