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seashoremary said:   December 7, 2013 12:33 pm PST
Hi Lily! re: JOY OF THE LORD Gosh my friend, you're right on again! You experienced spiritual depression. Our thoughts are own but sometimes we miss the mark when we start believing that our shortcomings are overtaking our lives. I know because I've been through it. I didn't recognize it either at first when it happened to me. In fact, I had just written an article warning against the depression that hits during the holidays--never realizing that it would hit me. It's spiritual, my friend. It's happening because we're delving deeper into God's Word and World that the enemy is trying to blind us or downright stop us from going forward. The Lord delivered you from your depression like He delivered me from it. Keep pleading the Blood of the Lamb over you daily--through good & bad times. Don't stop because that's where our protection comes from. I know for a fact that the Lord will restore your relationships if anything was said in hurt or despair. Leave it to him especially when it involves another person. Talk about timing, I just posted my current article: Jesus, You’re My Substitute, Rescue My Soul @ Blessings my friend... Mary

Lily of "ACE" Website said:   November 27, 2013 6:49 pm PST
Hello Mary. Believe me, I missed you a while you were dealing with your computer problems. So happy to know you have a working computer which did not cost you an arm and a leg. :) Thanks for the thoughtful comments on my article. I appreciate it. I hope to always be a light that will shine through the murkey darkness the devil tries to pull us through. Keep persisting my friend! :)

SeashoreMary said:   November 21, 2013 2:34 pm PST
Hi Lily! re: When My Soul…. I'm back! I've been "computer down" for well over a week and I'm just now barely catching up. I had three computers this past year and of the three one has been compiled from the parts of the other two to function! I thought it was going to cost me an arm and a leg but it came to less than $100.00. The enemy has come up against me but with God, I am prevailing! Which brings me to "When My Soul" article you posted. So right on my friend! He is my all when things don't go my way. Keep up your good work of words of encouragement, they pierce through the murkiness of troubled times. Always with blessings, Mary

Lily Brenner "ACE" lady. :) said:   November 4, 2013 7:40 am PST
Dearest Mary: Thank you for sharing about your friend. It really is hard to sit, watch and wait on the Lord when we have a natural inclination to help people. While we are waiting on the Lord for answer to prayer, be at peace knowing the Holy Spirit is working in your friend what God wants, and watch for the fruit of the spirit from your friend. Your friend is blessed just by knowing you Mary! I'll keep her and other prodigal sons and daughters of God in my prayers. :)

SeashoreMary said:   October 14, 2013 3:52 pm PST
re: Worship other gods, no way! I am a Christian! Hi Lily! My friend, you are so right. As I read your article I was reminded of a specific person who when asked if she was a Christian, she was adamant to say "Yes, of course!" In all my years of knowing this person, I became painfully aware that no matter how many times she is told not to become involved with various men or live outside of marriage, never really believes in tithing but does hear me when I say God would bless her if she honored the Lord with her finances and states that she will give when she has more money (which never really happens). She lives a life of turmoil and we find ourselves helplessly unable to turn her around. On one hand, she is adamant she is a Christian while holding a bottle of liquor in another hand, she studied bartending and worked in night clubs. I've found myself trying to be careful not to over judge her (knowing I have planks in my own eyes) and many, many times I've found her heart is really pure in so many ways. So, I do the best thing possible, I gave her to God for Him to help her in the manner He deems is appropriate in His own time. Should anyone want to know what a Christian looks like and take a look at this person, they definitely would be turned off from knowing the things of God. The Christian walk is a daily walk, sometimes stumbling but always being picked up by the Lord God and continue forward in and to His will. Food for thought... Blessings, Mary

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